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A lovely cliffside house in Fowey has a garden above a cove. The land is liable to subsidence due to deep fine subsoil on the 45 degree angle of bed rock sloping towards the sea.

Four years ago the garden suffered such a slip taking the septic tank with it. It was decided to stabilise the land above the cove with 64 piles, all with 3 metres drilled into the bed rock and anchored back with rock anchors.

The garage on stilts to the left of the cove was becoming unsafe due to its age, so it was decided to rebuild it with the space underneath utilised as a fitness suite, complete with aqua trainer and hot tub at floor level. Covers which can be used for floor space can also be raised into the ceiling when use of the aqua trainer and hot tub is required.

The basement underneath houses the plant room, some storage and the under side of the aqua trainer and hot tub.

The neighbouring property required a car space and garden, the two projects progressed together with great practical benefits.

This project was a regional winner of an LABC (Local Authority Building Control) award for building excellence in delivery of outstanding construction and workmanship.

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